Canada Fishing Trips– Packing Tips to Avoid Hassles!

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Published: 25th July 2012
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Canada is a country of scenic beauty and natural habitats for tourists planning for outdoor activities including fishing. Fishing is a particularly attractive activity of visitors in that the country harbors several water bodies with different types of fishes in them. In addition, the natives are amiable and help visitors find the best place to fish round the calendar. However, being home to fishing areas do not guarantee a pleasant fishing experience. There are things to consider such as your equipment, the availability of fish in your chosen area etc for a successful fishing expedition and also your preparation for this expedition.

The following are some of the factors to consider before embarking into a Canada fishing trip:

• Your apparel. The things you should carry compulsorily are head gears, sun block and an insect repellant since your skin is exposed to insect bites, sun burn and the like. In addition to these, the additional apparel and gear would depend on the time and place you choose. If you want to go on a Canada fishing trip, choose summer. That is the time when you need the least number of protective gears. You can of course go there in winter but make sure to carry clothes that provide better heat protection.

• Emergency First Aid. On a Canada fishing trip you are away from the comfort of your home, your body is exposed to dust, smoke, bad food and disease causing microbes all the time. An emergency first aid kit comes handy in scenarios when you suddenly feel feverish, get a headache, have an upset stomach or get hurt physically. Make sure that you have painkillers, antipyretics, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch ointments, bandages and gauze pads. In addition, carry antiemetic drugs just in case you feel nauseated by food or the environment.

• License information. It is important to be above 16 years of age before one can fish independently. If you are under 16, then it is recommended that you are accompanied by an adult. Incessant fishing can disrupt the balance of nature. Hence there are two legal documents that you need to carry when you are on your Canada fishing trip. The first one is a Conservation license and another is the Fishing license. These two documents must be there with you all the time and has to be produced when demanded by an authorized individual.

• Fishing Map. Technology has given us incredible opportunities to enhance our activities. Fishing map and GPS are two essential things you should have if you are looking forward to a hassle free Canada fishing trip.

• Fishing Equipment. As mentioned before, fishing is a sport that is bound by conservation laws. There are equipment and bait that you can use and there are ones that you cannot. Your basic fishing rod is the most indispensable equipment. In addition, you can carry fishing nets, hooks, baits and fishing lines. You must check the lake’s requirement before commencing operation since some of them do not allow barbed hooks. Further, certain lakes only allow live bait such as leeches and worms. Be aware of all these things before you plan your fishing arsenal.

• Personal accessories. You will need pillow, bed sheet, toiletry etc. wherever you go. Though your fishing lodges may provide them, it is advisable to carry your accessories such as liquid soap, hand sanitizer and the like.

• A camera. Any trip can be transformed into digital or celluloid memories if you have a good camera with you. The fishing trip is no exception in this regard. Hence, don’t forget to carry your camera with you while you are on a fishing trip in Canada.

Spend sufficient time in planning and research before deciding to go to Canada on a fishing trip. It so happens in many trips that once you are half way through the journey, you will suddenly realize that you have forgotten to take a particular important item and your mood will be ruined for the rest of the trip. It is possible to buy things that you forget but it is always better to have a check on the items and plan ahead to avoid unnecessary tension. These precautions will ensure an amazing Canadian fishing trip for you.

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